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  • Fashion fore ever

    Kim Tuttle spent more than a decade helping political candidates win elections, for U.S. Senate and governor, among other positions, as a fundraiser and lobbyist.

    Now, with a focus partially in Naples, Tuttle wants to help women win the fashion day on the golf course.

    Tuttle, along with her sister-in-law and stepdaughter, have launched Motherputter — a company that makes and sells edgy women’s golf fashion. The company debuted its line at a launch party at the Naples Grande Golf Course earlier this month.

    While plenty of women’s clothing lines are suitable for golf, Tuttle says most of it is tired and stodgy. There’s no Lululemon for women’s golf clothes, she adds. “We felt like there wasn’t a lot in the way of fashion,” says Tuttle whose title with the company is Chief Chick of Fashion. “Nothing we would wear while playing golf.”

    Tuttle plays golf, as do her partners in the business. The trio — Tuttle, Kari Schindehette and Jacque Bardgett — talked about the lack of a bold women’s fashion line for golf for several years. In 2016, says Tuttle, they began to source materials and come up with lines and a marketing plan. The company is based in St. Louis, though Tuttle lives part-time in Naples, and given the demographics in Southwest Florida, this market is a big target for the business.

    Tuttle has a degree in fashion merchandising from Texas Tech, and worked in the fashion industry in Dallas and New York City. She later moved to Missouri, where she worked for a variety of Republican candidates for election and re-election, including the U.S. Senate campaigns of Christopher “Kit” Bond and John Ashcroft.

    But fashion has always been her passion. The Motherputter line includes a signature polo shirt, a mesh back sleeveless top, a Sweetwater dress and a Kress dress. A manufacturer in Chicago makes the clothes. The line is available in For the Love of Golf, a store in Naples, and the company seeks to sell the line in pro shops inside golf clubs across the region.

    And like the Lululemon model, the company also wants to create a community-oriented brand, around women who play golf. “I think there’s a real need for that,” Tuttle tells Coffee Talk, “and the clothes will play a big part of it.”Read more at:prom dresses manchester | prom dress shops

  • Changing the Fashion Scenario of North East India

    Just the other day, I met Prasantt Ghosh, a top notch fashion designer of the North East. Over a cup of tea, we caught up on common friends and moved on to talking about his single passion - fashion. He mentioned that the next edition of the North East India Fashion Week is coming up on 24th and 25th February 2018 in Kiranshree Grand, Azara, near Guwahati Airport. So I asked him, what new surprises can be expected this time.

    ‘‘It’s not just about fashion,’’ he said. ‘‘The fashion week is a platform to showcase upcoming designers and discover new talents. It is a professionally managed show, with top models being flown in to present the creations. It has potential for fashion trade and will give youngsters the opening they need to make an impression in the market.”

    On being asked how the journey has been so far, he said, “A lot of hard work has gone into it but it's a satisfying feeling. It inspires us to work even harder for the coming season.” He told me that after the resounding success of the first and second seasons of NEIFW, the organisers feel it is time to take it to the next level. Most importantly, the objective of the event is to create brand awareness among the public and media associated with the fashion industry of the North East. Season 3 will target the domestic/international buyers with the right trends and promote North East Handloom and Handicrafts.

    The game changer, however, is the impressive line up of designers and models from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. “We have invited and received confirmation from designers from many foreign countries. It is a landmark event in the sense that the North east will be the latest fashion destination for all designers of the neighbouring regions.” said Prasantt Ghosh.

    This event has many fashion gurus, film and theatre personalities in its advisory panel. Sanjay Choudhury, Kanchan More Sabharwal, Kuntanil Das and Prasantt Ghosh will mentor and lead upcoming designers in showcasing their talents.

    If you are an upcoming designer, here is an opportunity you would not want to miss. Imagine a senior celebrity designer giving you tips on cuts, colour, fabric and drape. The last two seasons witnessed international designers like Bibi Russel and Sharbari Dutta who inaugurated the event as well as showcased their collection.

    Season 3 of NEIFW promises to be a unique event for various reasons. It plans to bring together 36 designers from India and neighbouring countries. National living legends of the fashion industry like Hemant Trevedi, Mona Pali, Abhishek Dutta and James Fariera will showcase their designs along with top names of the fashion industry in Northeast. There would be special seminars for upcoming fashion designers with these top designers of India. After-parties will provide the best environment for connecting and forging professional relationships in the circuit. There would be also stalls from budding and established entrepreneurs.

    Top models, professional event management and a glitz marketing strategy are expected to make season 3 of NEIFW an event you wouldn’t want to miss. More than 5000 visitors are expected to visit this season, making it a commercial and fashion hub.

    As a follower of fashion, this is an event I cannot afford to miss. International exposure, after parties, top models, trade hub and celebrity designers-what more can I ask for?

    So block your dates for the last week in February on 24th and 25th February 2018. Be there if you love to be Fashionable!Read more at:red prom dress | prom dresses

  • Rebecca Minkoff Apologizes for Late Shipments

    Rebecca Minkoff experienced some major problems with late shipments and poor customer service this holiday season, and the company is working to fix the situation.

    Minkoff, cofounder and creative director, posted an apology on Facebook and Instagram Friday afternoon saying she was “horrified to hear/see/read” from a number of loyal and vocal customers that the company let them down this holiday. “I’m sorry,” she wrote.

    The designer blamed the late shipments and problems filling orders on a new third-party warehouse facility. “It has become increasingly clear that our new partner hasn’t kept up with our expectations, their contractual commitments, or our peak season customer demand,” she wrote. “We and they are working around the clock to identify and resolve open orders. We’re working with them to identify a solution to make sure that we have the opportunity to earn back our most valuable asset, the trust and support of our most loyal customers.”

    WWD reached out to the company on Tuesday to see what steps they were taking to address the problems. Uri Minkoff, cofounder and chief executive officer of Minkoff, said, “We met with our distribution partner just before the holidays. We’re meeting again later this week. Although they have assured us that the holiday backlog has been resolved, we are reserving the right to exit the relationship if we aren’t satisfied with the resolution of this situation.”

    “We believe most problems resulted from their failure to allocate sufficient resources to meet peak demand. We are investigating whether we were also affected by shipping/carrier error and/or delays,” he added. The company started working with the new warehouse in early 2017. He said the company has been monitoring the situation daily and working extra hours to address customer service issues.

    Asked how customers will be accommodated, he replied, “In the past, when we have had warehouse issues, we have sent affected consumers complimentary gifts. However, our primary focus right now is ensuring that all of our customers receive all of the items they have ordered, and then making sure that these problems will not reoccur. We’ve added third-party customer service consultants into the mix to help us quickly address any remaining open issues.”

    Interestingly, Minkoff built her 13-year-old brand on directly engaging with online consumers. The company has embraced technology such as using smart dressing rooms in its stores and selling connected clothing and accessories.

    Numerous customers complained on Instagram and Facebook that their shipments didn’t arrive on time; that they couldn’t get in touch with customer service (no one picked up the phone); e-mails weren’t being responded to; refunds hadn’t arrived in a timely fashion, and orders were cancelled weeks later because items were out of stock. Some people weighed in with positive comments and said they appreciated Minkoff’s honesty. “Transparency and an honest apology works. Well done!” posted Julie Vargo.

    But one customer wrote that it’s been “absolutely impossible” to get hold of anyone to resolve an issue, and others complained about similar problems trying to get a refund. Aneta Borroughs posted: “My 12/18/17 order is missing. My card has been charged, shipping info provided but no tracking info available almost a month later. No one is ever picking up the phone and no [one] returns phone calls or orders. As much as I like your bags, I really have to reconsider.”

    Beth Campbell posted: “Your products and brand are completely let down by your nonexistent customer service and your mediocre attempt at an apology. Get your act together before you burn your brand to the ground.”

    Andrea D. Rusnak wrote, “This is good news as we waited over 4 1/2 months for a bag that we ordered that was damaged. We returned it to get it fixed since it sold out online. When I inquired about when I would get it back I was told they didn’t have any packing tape to return it to me and that is why it took so long. I really scratched my head and couldn’t believe that this is the kind of service that Rebecca Minkoff would expect their customers to receive.”

    In October, the company moved its web site to a new back-end system designed to be faster and more responsive. “So far, that project has exceeded our expectations,” Rebecca Minkoff wrote in her apology. As reported, Minkoff switched to Shopify Plus, which is geared toward mobile first and integrates social and mobile pay platforms such as Apple Pay and Alipay.Read more at:cheap prom dresses | prom dresses